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Suraj O T Odekunle


BLACK Nationalist and Mental Health Advocate

Suraj Olagboyega Tokunbo Odekunle is the proud founder of My Brotha’s Keeper International and it’s subsidiary The Man In The Mirror Project. The native Nigerian, born in South London, is also an International Speaker, BLACK Mental Health Advocate, Pan-Afrakan Activist, and Workshop Facilitator.

With an extensive background in childcare development, counseling, information communication technology and marketing, Suraj formally worked as a Private Care Worker, supporting children with disabilities/severe autism for a charity, Youth Intervention Facilitator in pupil referral units (PRU), Learning Support Tutor, SENCO Officer and a Teaching Assistant in a number of public schools within London. 

Forever expanding, Suraj is continuing to study Psychology, Counselling and Afrakan traditional healing.


JasiriHapi RaNūt

Team Leader

JasiriHapi RaNūt is a life-long student of the ankhcestors and avid reader. As a facilitator and team leader of My Brotha’s Keeper (MBK) International book study, the fitting body of work to read and discuss first is Dr. Tommy J. Curry’s book “Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood.”

Often times anti-Black male misandry is overlooked or absent in our consciousness because it is a taboo subject in the academy and in our culture at large. 

The purpose of studying this book is to get to know what anti-Black male misandry is, with a great deal of humility. We will deepen our innerstanding of it while decolonizing together via reading and discussion. 

Dr. Curry is currently writing the second edition of “Man-Not.” Once published, we will read and discuss that book as well, among others. 

Hugh Mayers

Psychotherapist/ relationship coach

Hugh Mayers is a psychotherapist and relationship coach with  over 14 years experience of working in the fields of mental health and psychological wellbeing

A senior staff at MBK International, he is committed to seeing the development and sustainability of healing spaces for brothers.

Hugh is also a group facilitator and trainer with a central idea that all things are mental, for the mind and the body are one.

In addition to counseling one-on-one and facilitating group therapy sessions, he hosts a podcast series “It Takes Two” to discuss all things psychology from personal/interpersonal development and relationship coaching.

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