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Areas of services

My Brotha's Keeper

Our online Afrakan-centered initiative supports BLACK men with their self-development, introducing resources such as; study groups, chatroom consultations, interactive forums, one-to-one sessions and learning visuals/audios.

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Our monthly subriptions offer three level tier plans, which each include a number of resources tailored to suit our members’ needs. 

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If you wish to purchase any of our promotional products, visit our merchadise store/page to find the following listed items:

1) The Man In The Mirror documentary DVD

2) MBK International clothing

3) Pre-order Suraj’s first published book launching September 2022 – ‘The Identity Crises of a Nigerian Boy Born In Britian.’  

There will also be additional holistic products for BLACK men for a discounted rate once you sign-up as a member.


Bookings + Events

Over the past seven years, Suraj has previously hosted events centered around systematic racism and the #TRAUMATIC impact it’s had on Afrakan people’s mental health across the diaspora. 

Current Work

‘The UNspoken #TRUTH behind the BLACK Man’s Abuse is a presentation examining the demonisation of BLACK men through systematic racism and how it discriminates against our brothas mental health. 

You can also book Suraj for public speaking engagements on our website using the online event calendar.


Welcome to My Brotha's Keeper International Youtube

Welcome to My Brotha’s Keeper International YouTube Channel

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