We believe BLACK men will be able to gain a sense of pride and identity through the willingness of ‘SESA WO SUBAN‘ meaning, “I transform my life” and “I change my character.” This is known as an Adinkra symbol that signifies personal reflection and Keperah (transformation), which is also part of the decolonisation process to encourage our brothas to return to Sankofa.

Systemic intergenerational trauma continues to negatively impact BLACK males under the MAAFA for the past 400-500 years. In 2022, MBK International launched a new initiative centered around our brethren being able to access the necessary resources as a ‘CALL TO ACTION’ to counteract the damage, supporting our brothas through the mentacide and their journey of Sesa Wo Suban (transformation of character).


 The SOULution

My Brotha’s Keeper (MBK) International is an online Afrakan-centered institution, introducing memberships to BLACK men who are willing to enhance in various areas of their mental, physical, spiritual and financial well-being.

Our resources include; chatroom consultations, tutorials, self-care tips/advice, interactive forums, workshops, action plan development strategies, discounts on products and access to our BLACK men’s wellness directory. Each registered member can also book a session with our international listed service providers, who are qualified to further support you through your stages of development. 

Each SESA WO SUBAN  membership has three tiers as follows: 

1) MBK (King)

2) MBK (Warrior)

3) MBK (God)


“If one makes an observation, they must take action to co-create the SOULution.”

~Baba Rev. Meri Ka Ra



  1. Create self-awareness about identity from a rights of passage perspective, which can help BLACK men embrace healing, self-care, and make peace with their past.
  2. Sovereign skills building for our most essential needs.
  3. To build racial-esteem, where brothas can embrace their newfound confidence, integrity and develop good character.
  4. For the BLACK man to verbalise how he truly feels within a safe space with the guidance of qualified professionals. 
  5. Break the cycle of self-destructive behaviors. 
  6. Assist BLACK men in building sustainable lasting habits with behavior changes including a commitment to health, happiness and 24-hour online access to recorded videos provided with your membership. All of our services ensure your experience is one of absolute quality, providing maximum encouragement and support.



Purpose of this program is to encourage self-reflection towards #HEALING, as a tool to navigate black men in the position of identifying their ‘trauma-blockages’.

  • GROUP SESSIONS – This will be introduced through role play and creating scenario to help offload the unnecessary baggage that negatively impacts their mental and emotional well-being.
  • INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS – Using a step-by-step action plan to keep an updated  record of the progression made from the program and to assist in what needs to be improved .

The Man In The Mirror Project framework, also focuses on ‘The UNspoken #TRUTH behind the black man’s abuse.’ Examining the demonisation of BLACK men through systematic racism and how it discriminates against our brothas mental health globally. 

This program is suited for brothas age 18 years upwards, who are willing to stay committed by establishing a relationship with their personal wellbeing, as a long-term investment in order for the joureny of cleansing to be effective.  

Iwosan Agbara means ‘HEALING POWER’  in Yoruba  –

The healing begins once our brothas are prepared to face the man in the mirror.

Quoted from Suraj O T Odekunle