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Organic Transformer

Greetings, my name is Eugene Daisley-Dobson (EuGenius), aka Organic Transformer.  Established in 2016, my company vision is all about being reborn into nature’s way of moving your body and eating organically.

My way of life has been greatly influenced by the great Dr. Sebi, Alfred Bowman (Rest in Power). His teachings and way of living is what inspired me to become alkaline and to assist people in their journey of life. As the first Alkaline Personal Trainer in the UK, I use only natural, 100% alkaline products on my body and in my body. Nothing made by man goes in or on me. I am living proof training and eating organically gives you a long, prosperous, and healthy life.

Life is not only the physical, it is also energy. When you are alkaline, you realise what you eat is literally what you become. Having been on my own journey for the past eight years, it is apparent since eating alkaline foods, my mind, body and soul have been more aligned with my life’s purpose. I live more soulfully.

It is important for my brothers and sisters to overstand when our place of origins were colonised by the western and “modern” way of living, we were given foods and ways of working that went against our DNA. The foods made by man are harmful to our bodies, minds, and also ruin the spiritual powers we possess. Hence, I say we are all Gods with amnesia. Western food and it’s highly influential marketing is a weapon to delude our minds and spirits. Wake up my brothers and sisters to living a healed and complete life by regaining your power through eating what nature provides for everyone.

To assist my brothers and sisters, I have a range of products and services I offer. The ingredients I have strategically selected and are crafted by myself to give maximum impact and response to your bodies. I work on the pH level (potential of Hydrogen) of our DNA and only use products that assimilate with the human DNA, the African Bio Mineral Balance for electric living beings. For every ailment there is a herb that corresponds to whatever illness or disease may be in your body. I know exactly how to use the herbs to maximize optimum health. This is coupled with my years of experience in the health and fitness industry. I have a packages which will suit everyone, including those who want to gain muscles, tone, be more agile, faster or simply live life to the fullest.

I have spoken openly about my way of life on many platforms such as YouTube, events, and  festivals to spread awareness of the Organic Transformer. I have testimonies from people all over the globe that have seen results with my products and services. Get in touch today for your personalised package to alkaline health and well-being.

Services, tailored made to your individual needs – ask me about these for a consultation, to get the right package for you.

Contact me @theorganictransformer on Instagram or call me 07466407655.