You Must Get Dr. Tommy J Curry’s Book “The Man-Not”

By JasiriHapi RaNūt, MBK International Team Leader

Dr. Tommy J Curry’s book “The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genres and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood” breaths the HUEmanity back into Black Men, Males and Boys will empirical evidence. The racist bones of dead white ethnologists of 19th century philosophy who have predetermined Black Men, Males and Boys to be violent, lazy degenerates are uncovered and found to have no evidence to back up their made up claims. Dr. Curry also finds that feminism and it’s grafted Trojan Horse weapon Black feminism are merely echo chambers of these racist paradigms.

This book empowers you to decode how these old bones are still showing up in contemporary society. Anti-Black  Male Misandry is the most underrated threat to the Black Family, for if our Black Men, Males and Boys are not  protected, defended and empowered, there is no Devine complimentary balance and the Black Woman and children are vulnerable to be exploited, shaped and molded however yurugu females and males see fit. For if there is no Black Man, there is no Black Famli.

it’s incumbent every Black Famli purchases a copy of Dr. Curry’s “Man-Not: Race, Class, Genres and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood.” MBK International Team Leader JasiriHapi will lead a book study discussion presentation and series with an intent to deepen innerstanding and get to know what we don’t or may not know.

Once there is an interest of 5-6 members, we will host book study. In the meantime, #KeepItGarvey and #GetTheBook from a list of Black-Owned bookstores linked below: