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K. Ogunbayode

MKYCC serves to encourage adults and children to speak their ancestral mother-tongue alongside English thus boosting cultural identity and confidence.

MKYCC was the original collective for the current community service known as Learn Yoruba Language in London MKYCC. It has been in existence for 10 years in Milton Keynes and then various venues across London. Yoruba Language lessons have been delivered in Balham, Leyton, Brixton, Finsbury Park, Shepherds Bush, Oxford Street and Holborn.

Our core ethos is to teach Afrikan Descendants the ancestral tongue of Yoruba Language and the associated Culture.

Our 5-week Course Outline in no particular order:

1. Basic Yoruba Greetings

2. Yoruba Etiquette

3. Basic Grammar: Pronouns, Verbs, Nouns and Tenses

4. Basic Phrases

5. Continuous Assessment and Role-Play

All lessons via Skype or Zoom. £75 for a block of 5 lessons. Cancellation/Postponement will incur forfeiture.

E se Pupo

Oluko Kola

Price: $10 for 45 minute session (per person) Group price depending on class size

Phone: UK 07709944633