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Amosu Awoyemi

Amosu Awoyemi, Seba Amosu, is an Afrikan centered Chess Tutor of Mind Over Body Chess Academy and Moral Philosophy teacher for ‘Seba Amosu Moral Philosophy’ who teaches morality and ethics to Black children between the ages of 7 to 19.

Service Credentials:

10 years voluntary teaching at Nubia Afrikan Community Foundation School 2006-2016

Ran 13 chess tournaments independently under Mind Over Body Chess Academy for Black children in London and in Birmingham from 2016 to current date.

Description of Services Provided:

Safe haven for Black children to be able to speak and critically think with the intent to boost Afrikan self identity.

To build good character in all Afrikan children.

To help children to learn how to teach through presentation and public speaking.

To play chess in an environment that shows imagery that builds up identity mentally.


Professional and Client references

Linda Johnson: Director of Young Gifted and Black Supplementary School in Hudderfield.


Link to Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @sebaamosu

Facebook: @Amosu Awoyemi

Instagram: @mindoverbodychessacademy

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