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Grounding & Centering Self

Devine Greetings Beloved Brothas,

The one thing that’s consistent is life is going to keep throwing blows. It’s imperative we intentionally practice productively centering ourselves when that happens so it becomes a natural beneficial unconscious response. Some suggestions:

  1. Fast for clarity of mind. Drink a freshly squeezed green or fruit juice. You can do this for a few hours or the entire day.  Juicing relieves the body of the innerG exerted from digesting solid foods so it may focus on your healing.
  2. Go to a quiet space that brings a sense of calm. My quiet space is the ocean or somewhere in nature. It does it ever time. Being in nature is naturally healing because we are not outside of nature. We are nature. To be in a boxed space consistently is unnatural. So go outside and soak in some prana, take your shoes off so your feet can cannect with the earth and innerGize/reset you.
  3. Listen to some uplifting, empowering music. A dope playlist is my go-to for my cells are listening. And when they are soothed, I AM soothed as they harmoniously regenerate healing me.
  4. Go out even if it’s dark outside. Little is discussed about healing under the stars and moonlight. We are HUEman, our planet is the way it is because of the symbiotic connection between both the Sun and moon. Moonlight is very soothing. Sometimes I go to the ocean under the moonlight to RA-flekt. It is AbSOULutely life-giving.
  5. Be selective in who and what you give your attention to by knowing when to hold ‘em and fold em. Some people are innerG vampires. I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t please everybody. And if one person doesn’t like me, that’s ok. I must be doing something right. What they think about me is none of my business.
  6. Whatever is bothering you, make a meditation out of it. I AM not in agreement with the SKAMdemick and it’s subconscious programming. So everyday I say to myself out loud or in my mind:
  • I AM love
  • I AM light
  • I AM in the driver’s seat of my health
  • This is my body temple loaned to me by my ankhcestors
  • EYE honor it by giving it the AbSOULute best nourishment to optimize my cells working for me to keep me thriving
  • I AM at my best as EYE snatch my right to have a natural organic immune system—among the most BeHUEtifull work of bio-engineering on the planet
  • I answer to my most honorable ankhcestors who are about that Abibifohodie life.

Truly hope these mindfulness recommendations support you in grounding and centering as they have helped me. Htp! Abibifohodie!

🖤Yaa JasiriHapi RaNūt

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